Head Spa Treatment

Have you ever experienced any issues with your scalp?

i.e. thinning, itchiness, dandruff, dryness, oiliness or odor

Try our Head Spa Treatment, a facial for the Scalp!

Dry or oily, itchy or flaky — Milbon’s global research exposed the single root cause for all these undesirable conditions: excess fatty acids on the scalp.

The first step to normalize the scalp is to detox – by effectively removing unwanted fatty acids with the use of this purifying shampoo. The unique, non-drying foaming gel physically attaches to the fatty acid buildup to lift it away without stressing the scalp and hair.

1. Detox Shampoo

Choose your favorite aromatherapy scent from Milbon's cleansing spa gel: Citrus, Rose or Vanilla.

This professional massage gel deeply exfoliates residual fatty acids clogging the follicles, offering an instant relief from these scalp issues. Infused with a selection of pleasant aromatherapy scents (citrus, rose, and vanilla) to soothe one’s senses.


3. Cleanse your Scalp with Milbon's Cleaning Spa Gel

The final step to normalize the scalp is to deeply moisturize and nourish

the scalp with the weightless Soothing Moisturizer.


Vibrant colors, lasting curls, and stronger wave length – the Spa Mist II enhances salon treatments by generating a fine mist of microscopic water particles. It gently opens up the hair’s cuticle layer for deep conditioning of the hair, scalp and allows for an added hand spa treatment. With a simple to use, light and portable design, the Spa Mist II delivers clients a truly relaxing facial for their hair.

2. Spa Mist

The last step to normalize the scalp is to replenish essential moisture and oil with this lightweight hydrating treatment for the scalp and hair. Skincare-grade sugar squalane bolsters the scalp’s naturally occurring hydrolipid film to bind in moisture and protect the scalp – while imparting a natural shine to the hair and ensuring fullness.


The “Head Spa” is essentially a facial for the scalp and the

 newest hair restoration service originally developed in Japan. The luxurious 

Milbon treatment combines scalp cleansing (removing fatty acids from 

the hair follicles), a relaxing head massage and scalp and hair conditioning.

 The scalp massage follows the points to pull up muscles, aponeuroses and 

skin covering the cranium to original positions, lifting up the scalp.

 These elements promote a clean scalp and solves scalp issues such as dryness,

 dandruff and oiliness that can be caused by the deposit from sulfates and 

product that gets left behind. It also works to detox hair, restores hair 

volume and stimulates the hair cells for thicker and improved hair growth.

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